My story so far.

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I’m Nida

I’m architect-engineer specializing in architectural design, structural designs and interior design.
My works characterized by sophistication with an artistic and attractive touch, but sometimes I like to make it simpler.

What is this

This Website is Specialist for Architects if you are an architecture student, Interior designer or already get graduate and started your career as an architect or even if you have an interest in architecture life Great!

this website is just for you, You can find here everything is useful for you as an architect, we have a huge free library it will help you find alsomt anything that’s fit your projects also there is a Premium library it’s really has a good and professional work it will save you time and makes you deliver your projects very fast.

also in the blog section, you will find the most attractive articles about architecture life, Pupolar Projects, Building, towers and about the most important architects in the world.

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